J. Fitzpatrick Mauldin is a science fiction and fantasy writer from Birmingham, Alabama (home of craft beers, exciting foods, and growing green space), where he lives with his book addicted wife and mad genius daughter. Destined to be a nerd by birth, the product of a science, history, and engineering obsessed father and grandfather, he had no other option than to let his creative juices flow onto paper. Not a single genre writer, he explores many facets and sub genres of SFF such as cheezy horror, sci-fi satire, flintlock fantasy, and speculative fiction. Like many authors, genre niches are not what tend to arouse inspiration in him, but rather, what a character can do within a compelling setting. Writing a story worth remembering is his highest aspiration, and one he will never cease to attempt to achieve.

Current Projects:

“The Watch” (working title) – War meets high adventure in a reality bending flintlock fantasy / science fiction universe permeated with myth, aliens, and religious zealotry.

“Tempest in the Clouds” with Jacob Ingalls (working title) – Galaxy spanning space opera adventure/comedy, featuring a crew of aging amazonian pirates battling the odds to save their home world from destruction.


JFM bookshelf: read

Final Solution
it was amazing
I hope everyone enjoys this book as much as I did writing it.
Spider Star
really liked it
There were moments I wasn’t sure if I’d like this book, but I’m glad I hung in. The ending is not what I expected.
really liked it
I might have mild panic attacks after this book. Some events hit too close to home. Can’t wait to get into the next one.



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