Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan – Review

Promise of Blood
Promise of Blood

The short:

Promise of Blood, is one of the most entertaining books I’ve read in a long time, with an engaging plot, distinctive characters, and fascinating magic, all wrapped up in a quasi 18th century world of flintlock guns, nobility, and war. 5/5

The long:

Promise of Blood, has one of the most interesting magic systems I’ve seen yet, with counter balances that imbue equal quantities of danger and weakness for those with them, and badassness for which they can burn the world.
At first thought, the idea of a “Powder Mage” seemed a bit silly to me, but after Field Marshall Tamas used his abilities to remove the powder from the king’s pistol, force it into the floor, and cause that pistol not to fire, I saw its merits. In a world where weapons are powered by gunpowder, the ability to manipulate it is paramount, as well as devastating. But, that was just the start. The powder is also used a drug, a resource, and a liability.
Outside of that core system of “Powder Mages”, AKA Marked, you have “The Privileged”, which are your traditional sorcerer types, but are limited by having to wear runed gloves, and “The Knacked”, which have one obscure ability, but it is usually quite strong. Mixing this together, makes for inventive action, in which, McClellan assaults you relentlessly. Not once in this book did I find myself bored or bogged down, I was constantly anticipating what would come next. I cannot wait for the next installment.

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