Take your New Years resolution and shove it

Doing blow on New Years Eve

This blog post is WAY off the beaten path, but I felt like ranting.

I know this might sound a bit harsh, but you can take your New Year’s resolution and shove it. Shove it so far up you’re bum that you puke up your intentions. It’s worth absolutely nothing, but good on you for trying.

Now, before you get all huffy about the plans you’re so excited to quit before Feb 2016, consider this.

What is New Years?

New Years is that special time we make another excuse (myself included) to drink more than we should and call up old friends, maybe go to a party—make-out with a stranger in Time Square—that sort of stuff. It’s that magical night we’re supposed to let go of our transgressions and move on. For many of us, its a time to lie to ourselves that we will make better decisions. Be honest. I know of at least three people that I hope will stick to their plans, but have a good feeling it won’t happen.

The truth of it?

We spend January 1st hung over with family, and starting January 2nd we begin doing something different. Maybe we eat a little better, maybe we exercise more, maybe we drink less or keep fewer Panda’s from getting universal healthcare. Whatever it may be, by the time February rolls around things start to slip and we find ourselves right where we were. Why is that?

Societal peer pressure.

I don’t care who you are, it’s a human need to accepted by the whole. And so we go along with everyone else, and even sometimes, trying to one up each other in what we choose to change. I’ve seen this cycle over and over, which is why when I was about 22 I decided I was done with resolutions. I had had the same revelation about New Years that I had about birthdays and Valentine’s Day.

It’s just another day.

When the clock ticks past midnight, nothing magically happens other than another second having passed. If you’re not willing to start making changes today, whatever day that may be, then you never will. Lifestyle changes happen a little at a time, with serious discipline and a desire to be a better person. Don’t wait for an arbitrary date to make that change. Do it now.

So I say: New Years? Drink it up! Celebrate with family! Enjoy being off work! But remember that it won’t change you’re life. Change starts today. Change starts with you. Make goals and stick to them.

All the same, Happy New Year!

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